We love Israel all year round, but there’s something really special about spending Pesach time in Israel. Along with the matza and four cups of wine, here are our top six reasons to spend this Passover (or to start thinking about it for next year!) in the Holy Land.

1. The weather is perfect for hiking and outdoor trips

Whilst summer can get seriously hot in the Holy Land, Spring promises balmier temperatures of 20-28 degrees centigrade, mostly dry, but still a chance of rainy showers.  This weather is perfect for outdoor hikes, from the sandy desert of the Negev in the South to the green hills of the Galilee and Golan Heights in the north.

2.There are so many interesting festivals and events

Whatever your hobbies and interests, there are so many interesting festivals and events going on in Israel during Passover that you are sure to find something to grab your interest. This year The Ahava Dead Sea music festival will take place by the Dead Sea during the Pesach holidays, the International Photography Festival will take place in the Carmel Winery in Rishon L’Zion and Zorba the Budda Festival will take place in the heart of the Negev, amongst others up and down the country.

3. You can do your seder at a hotel

Looking for the ultimate relaxing seder night this year? Book yourself into one of Israel’s top hotels for a bit of rest and relaxation alongside your 4 questions. With loads of activities for the kids at all the major hotel chains, we can guarantee one of the questions your kids won’t be asking is “can we go home?”

4. The perfect time for a desert visit

Israel’s beautiful but hostile Negev region gets boiling hot in the summer, and sometimes experiences flash flooding in the winter. Pesach time is the perfect time to visit Israel’s southern region, from Eilat in the far south up to the City of Bersheva.

5. The Galilee is green and the water is cool

The Galil region of Israel blossoms with beautiful wildflowers during the Spring, and the area is green and fertile. The Pesach holidays are the perfect time for both local and tourists to take a hike in the region, amongst streams and rivers and the best nature Israel has on offer.

6.The Priestly blessing at the Kotel in Jerusalem

The Priestly blessing takes place in Jerusalem during Chol Hamoed, the intermediary days between the first days of Pesach and the last. Thousands upon thousands of people crowd into the old city to hear the blessing, and it really is something to be seen.

Are you in Israel this year for the Passover holidays? Looking for a last minute hotel or tour guide booking? Get in touch with Kenes Tours today; we’re been one of Israel’s leading tour providers for over 50 years. Happy Passover!