After the success of the 2015 international culinary festival, Round Tables, an international chef and culinary exchange program in Tel Aviv, is back! Round Tables will pair innovative and renowned international chefs with restaurants of the highest caliber in the culinary mecca of Tel Aviv, taking place in November 2016.


With a strong emphasis on both traditional Middle Eastern cuisine and modern international dining trends, Tel Aviv is rapidly gaining recognition as the perfect destination to explore fresh and exciting fare rivaling the world’s most acclaimed foodie cities.


Israeli cuisine is a melting pot of culinary traditions, filled with the generation’s old dishes and flavorful cooking methods sourced from the different ethnicities and backgrounds of the various populations who have immigrated to Israel. From the traditional Ashkenazi cuisine that has been popularized in North American vernacular to European, Middle Eastern and North African delicacies and culinary styles, Israel is known for taking classic and comfortable foods and modernizing them for the discerning gourmet. Tel Aviv especially is known for a varied culinary scene that reimagines homegrown flavors for refined palates. Round Tables is an opportunity to share the local tastes of Tel Aviv with a global audience, inspiring the top chefs of the world to make their culinary mark on the classic food traditions of Israel.


For one week only, star chefs from a selection of Tel Aviv’s finest restaurants are sent packing and replaced by highly renowned and Michelin-starred chefs from culinary capitals of the world. Each chef creates personal favorite dishes inspired by the local seasonings of the menu at the existing Tel Aviv restaurant, resulting in an ephemeral and delectable cultural exchange of international cuisines.


For those looking to experience the delicious and intriguing culinary world of Israel firsthand, Kenes Tours offers specialized culinary tours based around the Round Table event and tailored to inspire those with Israeli cuisine – get in touch with us today to learn more.


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