This June, Kenes Tours, in collaboration with Vibe Israel had the extraordinary opportunity to play host to four of the world’s leading travel bloggers as they spent an incredible and eye-opening day exploring Israel’s southern Negev desert.  The bloggers, each experiencing Israel for the first time, were brought to Israel by Vibe Israel, a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting millennials to Israel through working with online influencers to share Israel’s creative energy with the world.


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Central to the essence of Kenes Tours is our mission to be curators and purveyors of Israel’s wonders.  This tour aimed and succeeded at fulfilling our mission, a mission also shared by Vibe Israel, and promoted positive aspects of Israel, the Israeli people and Israel travel.  Although we were only responsible for organizing one day of the bloggers Israel tour, our Day in the Desert ultimately would prove to be the highlight of the bloggers experience in the country-hands down.


The Bloggers

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It was our privilege to facilitate the Day in the Desert for such an incredible and dynamic group of passionate travelers.  The world of travel blogging is an incredible and rich environment, where the desire to cross individual and physical boundaries and experience the world and its diverse peoples and geography reign supreme.  Committed to sharing the tales of their journeys with humanity, travel bloggers see themselves as empowered emissaries of the deeply meaningful message of people to people connections, bridging cultural gaps and promoting dialogue through travel.  Check out the bloggers who participated in the experience-visit their blogs and be inspired to discover the world:



Desert Extremes

Together, the bloggers spent June 7th exploring the Negev Desert and experiencing the following active adventure activities:

Photo: Or Kaplan Creative Solutions


  • At Sde Boker, home and final resting place of Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben Gurion, we kick-started the day with a spectacular hot air balloon ride, offering an exclusive and thrilling birds-eye view of the highlands of the Negev Desert as the Valley of Zin stretched out below in all directions.


  • Upon landing, they were treated to a phenomenal Israeli breakfast in the field. Served in the middle of the expansive vistas of the desert, the bloggers were able to experience an authentic Israeli culinary experience as they were served Shakshuka, eggs, mezze salads, a choice of fresh breads, coffees, teas and juices.


  • Afterwards, they travelled south to the Ramon Crater (Machtesh Ramon)-one of the most fundamentally unique and visually stunning wonders nature has to offer. Created millions of years ago by immense forces of erosion, the crater is one of only 5 on earth.  Stretching almost across the entirety of the Negev, the Machtesh features a blinding abundance of natural phenomena such as ancient volcanoes, geological formations, fossils and a diverse variety of desert plants and animals.  While there, the bloggers were able to experience the thrill of the desert with a choice of extreme adventure activities such as off-road ATV’s and zip-lines.  At the end of the trek, they were able to pause in the shade of an ancient acacia tree to experience the relaxing and meditative power of desert yoga.



About Vibe Israel 

Vibe Israel is a not-for-profit organization leading initiatives to strengthen Israel’s brand in the world. It exists to create a new conversation about Israel, a conversation about Israel’s creative energy.

Through its strong network of philanthropists and Israeli business people, it initiates and implements projects that market Israel’s competitive advantages to the world, while always seeking a social return on investment for its donors, and a commercial return on investment for its business partners.


Meet the People.  Feel the Energy.  Share the Experience. 

Vibe Tours takes international online opinion leaders and makers on a weeklong all-expenses-paid personalized experience of Israel. Each tour is subject-matter-specific in an area that Israel has a competitive advantage in such as: business, social entrepreneurship, environment, art, fashion, gastronomy, photography and more. By bringing opinion leaders and makers to Israel and showing them what the country has to offer in their selected fields of interest, Vibe Tours fills the gap between perception and reality.


Become a Part of the Story 

In the spirit of the Day in the Desert, we invite you to explore and discover the magic of Israel.  For more information about how you can become part of the story, check out our incredible travel experiences and offers.  CONTACT US TODAY >>



Photo: Or Kaplan Creative Solutions