Cycling in Israel

With the blooming spring travel season just around the corner, Kenes Tours is excited to announce the all-new Kenes Tours Active Cycling Tours, perfectly crafted outdoor-focused itineraries.

Israel’s temperate climate makes for an ideal outdoor holiday atmosphere, combined with carefully curated and expertly-tailored packages designed for every level of fitness and cycling desire. With an expert guide to assist with your every need along the way, Kenes Tours cycling packages and itineraries appease the tastes and desires of even the most discerning travelers and cyclists.

For the seasoned fitness and adrenaline enthusiast, a special package is offered for EPIC Israel 2016, Israel’s off-road answer to the exclusive Tour de France. Searching for the flawless blend of adventure and culture? Look no further. Our Israel Off-Road packages offer riders the opportunity to explore the country in its entirety, from the lush green and verdant landscapes in the Golan Heights and Galilee in the north, to the crag-rock and majestic Judean and Negev Deserts in the south. The route cycled stretches from the calm waters of the Sea of Galilee, to the mineral-rich depths hidden in the Dead Sea, ensuring that no road is left unturned whilst riding through the idyllic topography.


Our Classic Galilee and Golan Heights cycling tours provide riders with an intimate familiarity specifically with the gems of the northern region of the country and its natural, culinary, and cultural gems, including the sweeping heights of Mount Tabor, ending with a majestic tour of the enchanting Bahai Gardens in Haifa, with a grand overlooking view of the Mediterranean Sea. A specialized option for Christian tourists allows pilgrims to recant the footsteps of Jesus by stopping alongside major sites and locales referred to in the New Testament, including archeological wonders in the tiny ancient fishing village of Capernaum.


A combination of diverse cycling tracks coupled with visits to spectacular culinary and cultural landmarks in Israel ensure our guests an unforgettable and impactful travel experience.

Don’t hesitate to embark upon the trip of a lifetime!

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