Make sure to visit Jerusalem between May 25 and June 2, when the Old City lights up, with a colorful and playful mystique that is beyond awesome.


For this one special week each year, the city’s enchanting atmosphere is blessed by the Festival of Light, which illuminates the city’s walls and open spaces with art in the form of spectacular colorful light displays and videos projected on famous buildings and the ancient ramparts. It is no surprise that some visitors return multiple nights to see it all.

A captivating evening

Mesmerizing live art performances that play with light, darkness, color and sound are also part of this free exhibition of international creative talent.

Visitors can wander the Old City’s picturesque alleys searching for each multisensory Festival of Light surprise, or follow the walking routes and stations mapped out along the illuminated trails.


Better yet, make sure you don’t miss the most important installations by arranging a guided Kenes tour.

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