Tanaor is a line of exclusive modern and meaningful jewelry unlike any other.  The centerpiece of each item is the smallest-ever version of the Old Testament, each letter measuring only 2.5 millionth of a meter wide. Using cutting-edge nano-technology, Tanaor fuses innovative Israeli hi-tech with timeless faith in an outstanding jewelry collection-enabling you to carry the Bible with you at all times.



Bible in a Jewel

Each and every piece of the Bible in the nano-chip embedded in the jewelry is tested and validated by both a Jewish scribe and by the Nanocenter Facility at Tel Aviv University.  Tanaor’s designs are suited for a broad range of ages and tastes, combining classical beauty with high-end fashion and spirituality.

Technology meets history

Utilizing advanced nanotechnology, the entire text of the Old Testament of the Hebrew Bible is etched onto a tiny silicon chip.  An ion beam is used to dislodge atoms from the chip’s microscopic plating, in order to fashion each of the Torah’s 1.2 million letters at a nanometer scale.  To help better understand the absolute amazing miniature scale, a single nanometer is one billionth of a meter!  That’s like comparing the size of an olive to the size of the earth!  At the end of the manufacturing process, each ‘Bible Chip’ is embedded into a gorgeous piece of jewelry.

About Tanaor

The Tanaor collection is produced by Moldawsky Diamonds & Jewelry-a symbol of quality since 1946.  Moldawsky has been a market leader and a trusted source of excellent gems, rare diamonds and magnificent jewelry for over six decades.  The Tanaor collection represents Moldawsky’s very best-each piece is a direct product of the company’s mission to bring personal meaning and significance to jewelry.  Additionally, Tanaor is committed to social progress and charity. The company is proud to donate 10% of its proceeds to distinctive, non-profit enterprises.

Tanaor in Israel

Committed to convenience, interested groups and individual travelers can either visit their centrally based showroom or have their dedicated team of professionals come to your hotel or any other relevant location, nation-wide.


Kenes Tours invites you to discover Tanaor’s spiritually meaningful and stylish collection of jewelry on your next visit to Israel.