In recent years, Israel’s rich and diverse culinary heritage has swept the globe, promoting the bold and delicious cuisine of the country’s incredible mix of cultures and ethnic heritages.  Prominently featured front and center are the delectable food and inviting customs of Israel’s Arab and Druze communities.  Kenes Tours opens the door to this wonderful world with mouthwatering workshops, home hospitality and culinary encounters.

Inspired by the incredible interest in Israeli cuisine which has recently been making waves around the world, Israel presents visitors with a dizzying array of culinary tourism options available in a myriad selection of formats and locations at a variety of different price points.  With so many options to choose from, it’s only natural that travelers want to be sure that the experience they choose will be the very best for them and their unique tastes and preferences.  For travelers interested in learning about the cultural and culinary experience of Israel’s minority populations, the picturesque northern Galilee region provides the perfect setting to encounter amazing cultures through food.

Kenes Tours is proud to present Galileat, an innovative and passionate initiative based in the Galilee providing ‘true, grassroots experiences, based around food,’ invested in empowering local Galileans by ‘working in co-operation with those that live in the area.’  Founded by Paul Nirens in 2013, Galileat’s culinary experiences include Arab and Druze cooking workshops, home hospitality and meals in local villages, full day trips and more.  Each experience is custom-tailored to present an intimate and in-depth view of a different and largely unknown side of the country.



Winter Greens Foraging

Perfectly suited for the season is the one-of-a-kind Winter Greens Foraging workshop.  Suitable for smaller groups, this half-day experience provides travelers the chance to visit an Arab Galilean village and to set out into the fields with their host, who will explain which greens are edible and/or medicinal, how to identify different plants and how to best use them.  Afterwards, guests will return to the host’s home and learn how to clean, prepare and cook the recently foraged greens, to be served as part of an authentic home hospitality meal alongside other traditional dishes representative of Arab Galilean cuisine.

Kenes Tours also provides the following culinary experiences for groups and individuals:

  • Galilean cooking workshops at the homes of Druze, Muslim and Christian hosts
  • Full and half day cultural and culinary tours
  • Quickie workshops
  • Home hospitality meals
  • Cheese, wine and home hospitality programs
  • Special content for interfaith and Christian pilgrim groups
  • Olive harvest activities
  • Custom-built programs



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