Holocaust Remembrance Day 2018 marks 73 years since the annihilation of much of European Jewry,  the epicenter of which was in Poland. Home to 3.3 million Jewish residents, Poland possessed the largest pre-war Jewish population in Europe and experienced the most significant death toll.

Yet, in a period of just over four years, Poland lost 90% of its pre-war Jewish population,  approximately 3,000,000 people, decimating Polish Jewry. In such a country noted for its Jewish intellectuals, religious tolerance and leadership, who could have imagined that in such a short period of time, almost all Jewish life would be destroyed?


Bring your community on an exploration of the Jewish heritage of Poland with Kenes Tours.  Experience the rich Jewish history and heritage that existed in Poland and see the revival of Jewish life  that is currently underway.  Tour Poland on a transformative leadership journey led by Kenes Tours’ Holocaust and Jewish history expert and prize winning historian, Sara Pellach.

This powerful program will engage and connect today’s young leaders, open their eyes and instill upon them the responsibility of their generation to carry forward the torch of Jewish continuity, preserving the beautiful and rich Jewish heritage, strengthening their identity and enabling them to connect, educate, engage and lead others in their community moving forward.


Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin stated, “The duty to remember is a duty to recognize, to know, to try and understand what happened. To understand how the most terrible destruction in history was made possible, with the aim to ensure, Never Again.”


If we don’t remain committed to continuing the Jewish legacy that has preserved  the Jewish people for thousands of years who will? The birth and evolution of great leaders of our time have each been steeped with an understanding of the history of our people. Shouldn’t we ensure that our young leaders possess this knowledge too?