A feminine perspective – from goddesses to artists:

Guided tour in the Israel Museum – the different art collections, ranging from different time periods and spaces, allow us to tell the story of female images and the tension between genders throughout the human history,starting with the pre-historic goddess statues that are evidence to an ancient matriarchal religion, through the women’s status in the mythology and in Roman-Hellenic arts, to women’s place in the Jewish culture in the Diaspora and feminine images in the Israeli and international contemporary art. Looking at those exhibits raises questions about women’s place and status in the world today and in the past as well.


Bernard Emile, France
Portrait of Marie Lemasson, 1892



Man and his image

Body images and discussions regarding sexuality were a point of interest in the art world since its beginning. The Israel Museum’s different art collections, from different time periods and spaces, offer interactions with different body images and sexuality throughout the human history, how the ideal bodily image was forged during the Ancient Near East period and how are we affected todays by the dictated body images that were formed back in classical art. The different departments of non- western cultures will allow us to examine the alternative masculine ideals, those of the thinker and the scholar. Israeli and international contemporary art will raise thoughts and challenges of those body images – a muscular pioneer – an image that was promoted by the Zionist movement, a bohemian scholar, a melancholy soldier who misses his home and a painter whose emotions burst out on the canvas.