A mouthwatering discovery of flavors. Kenes Tours, in cooperation with Bitemojo, an innovative and award-winning mobile app, is proud to present the new way to experience Israel: by eating it! We invite you to take a self-guided, fun and exciting culinary journey, specially designed to guide you through the best local scenes and to encounter Israel’s dynamic and diverse food and people, all with nothing but a smartphone.

With Bitemojo, you can now explore vibrant Tel Aviv or timeless Jerusalem independently at your own time and pace. Taste the best local dishes around, learn about interesting places and support small food businesses along your way. Join the thousands of people, from Birthright Israel participants to Harvard University students, who have already chosen to experience Israel the Bitemojo way.

More and more people visiting Israel wish to explore the country through its multicultural, rich and delicious cuisine. More and more, the same people also desire to encounter it at their own time and pace, without being dependent on a group or a tour guide. For many years, an authentic and meaningful self-guided culinary tour hasn’t been an option.  With the recent introduction of the innovative and award-winning Bitemojo mobile app, this is no longer the case. Kenes Tours encourages you to discover Israel in a new, delicious and unforgettably immersive way.

Bite Tel Aviv: Taste the City that Never Sleeps

We invite you to explore and witness firsthand the famous vibe of Tel Aviv and to uncover why the city is rightfully called the ‘hub of the Start-Up Nation.’ Our culinary itineraries will take you to the most intriguing, emerging scenes in the city and let you taste some of the best food and drink that Tel Aviv has to offer:

  • Taste the ‘White City’ – an exciting culinary tour set along the city’s famous Rothschild Boulevard that takes you all the way from Tel Aviv’s early 20th century creation to the most modern and dynamically exciting cityscapes of today.
  • Hipster Tel Aviv – a fascinating culinary introduction to the southern part of the city, from the magical Levinsky market to avant-garde graffiti art in the hipster enclave of the Florentine neighborhood.
  • Night & The City – a deep foray into the city’s late-night culinary experience which combines amazing food and alcohol in some of the area’s trendiest bars and noteworthy restaurants.
  • Vegan Tel Aviv – the best way to discover Tel Aviv’s renowned and ever-emerging vegan scene, this immersive encounter features some of the best signature vegan dishes in town.

Bite Jerusalem: Taste the Oldest New City in the World

There is Jerusalem and then there is Jerusalem.  We invite you to explore the many faces of the city and witness the amazing renaissance that Israel’s capital has been experiencing over the last decade – from culture to art, from East to West, encounter Jerusalem through the focal point of food:

  • The Famous ‘Machane Yehuda Market’ – A visit to Jerusalem is not complete without a delicious visit to the Shuk. Let us take you on a once in a lifetime experience through Israel’s most iconic marketplace.
  • Creative Jerusalem – Taste the winds of change in Jerusalem with this special tour of artists, start-ups, young entrepreneurs and great curated food experiences.
  • Night & The City – Uncover a different side of Jerusalem as you discover the vibrant nightlife of the city through a special afterhours experience in the market.
  • Jerusalem for Vegetarians – Being a vegetarian doesn’t mean missing out. Discover a delicious and vegetarian-friendly side of Jerusalem on this special and exclusive culinary journey.


 Bitemojo: The New Way to Travel

  • Friendly Self-Guided Experiences
    Don’t be dependent on a guide or a group – your smartphone is all you need…and to come hungry, of course!
  • The Food is Included!
    Yes, that’s right. All Bitemojo itineraries feature the best local food, already included as an integral part of your experience. Simply claim your ‘bite’ through the app and enjoy!
  • Flexible and Personalized
    Start and finish whenever you like, take a break and continue later, you are the master of your own experience.
  • Immersive and Interactive
    Self-navigate and interact with locals, learn about their lives, hear about their stories and backgrounds. Gain memorable moments for life.
  • Travel with an Impact
    With Bitemojo, you impact local economies every time you claim a bite. Have fun and make an impact on people’s lives.

Discover. Taste. Impact

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