One of the most amazing aspects of Kenes Tours is our award-winning team of dedicated and passionate travel professionals.  This month, we are happy to introduce our team’s newest addition, Noam Ron.  Noam has joined our team with years of professional experience in the industry, having until recently managed the marketing department of Issta, our parent company and Israel’s largest provider of travel services.  We are honored to have him join us as our new VP of Marketing & Sales.  To celebrate the special occasion, we recently sat down with Noam for a brief Q & A.


How did it all begin?  How did you become involved with the travel industry?


My romance with tourism began, without my knowledge, back when I was in college studying for my B.A. in business management.  Every year, I would study during the days and work evenings and weekends in order to save money to travel for as long as I could during my summer vacations.

After completing my M.B.A., I was still working as a manager at a leading company in the field of marketing and sales consulting when I decided that I needed to change direction and connect to my love of tourism.  Soon, I left my position at the company I was working for and went back to school to study the business of tourism, guiding and tour operations.

From the moment I decided to make the change and returned to study, my path to the world of working in tourism was short and quickly, I landed my first job in the field-managing a branch office for Israel’s largest travel company, Issta.

Shortly thereafter, I was able to join my great love of tourism and marketing and together, was able to fulfill a variety of different positions in the field-the most recent of which was managing the marketing department for Issta-Israel’s largest travel conglomerate and Kenes Tours’ parent company-a job that I held for the past 8 years.


What do you like about the travel industry?

Each and every day, the travel industry is rapidly developing in many varied and interesting directions, and each day, we are exposed to additional destinations and a wide variety of engaging activities around the world.  Personally, I like to refer to the world of travel as ‘the industry of dreams,’ since each and every one of us has a specific dream regarding how our upcoming vacation or trek should look and feel.  It is at this particular moment that Kenes Tours fulfills its important role and meets expectations-in making dreams come true and beyond.


What defines today’s world of tourism? 

Tourism today is becoming more and more about content and experiences.  In the past, tourists wanted to visit as many sites as possible on their tour in a given destination.  Today, things have evolved to where the actual destination isn’t as important as the types of experiences which will be enjoyed -experiences which will ultimately determine whether the trip was worthwhile and memorable.  Kenes Tours knows precisely how to create and craft innovative tourism products and remarkable content which impart travelers with an unforgettable experience.


Why Kenes Tours? 

When I look at Kenes Tours, I see a rare combination of a company with great, meaningful heritage and incredible abilities built over 50 years as well as being an established leader in the field with an uncompromising service record which always looks forward and never for a moment ceases to innovate and excite.


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