Operation Moses: 30 Years Later with a Spectacular New Exhibit

Shai Josef with his family. Photo courtesy of Roni Katznelson.


An exciting new exhibit is now open at the Beit Hatfutsot Museum celebrating the courageous journey of nearly 10,000 Ethiopian Jews towards freedom, expression, and life.


Operation Moses Exhibit

It has been 32 years since Operation Moses was launched. This was a government program that orchestrated the aliyah of approximately 8,000 Ethiopian Jews. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Beit Hatfutsot, we now have in-depth documentation in both written and photographic form recording the entire Operation and the subsequent effects of absorption on the newly freed people.

A Personal Perspective

Doron Bacher, the in-house photographer for the Beit Hatfutsot Museum back in 1984, began photographing the events of the mass aliyah movement before the Operation was even launched. The collection now contains 10,000 still-life photos and slides. These, along with an exceptional exhibition on the personal perspective of the Ethiopian immigrants prepared by renowned director producer, Orly Malessa, make up the new Operation Moses exhibit, giving the world a panoramic view of how this sensational journey unfolded.

Visitors can follow ten Ethiopian families through their epic transition from oppression to freedom via the meticulous photographic, text, and video documentation that tracks their lives from aliyah to present day. Relive their thoughts and feelings through their own personal accounts about their journey – about their physical move and how Israeli society received them. See the struggles and triumphs of these people making their way through this complex process of making a new home in a new country and a new world.

The exhibit is currently open to the public and will be on display through April 2017.

New Wing of Museum Opens

Other exhibits that visitors can enjoy within the new wing include a tribute to Bob Dylan, an exhibition on synagogues past and present, and a children’s exhibit highlighting some of the trailblazers that have made the nation of Israel great. Excited to learn more about this fascinating exhibition?


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