Israel's Top 5 most interesting and innovative new restaurants

Israel has long been a place where the culinary traditions of the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and every other corner of the Jewish Diaspora meet to form new fusions and creative innovations. Like its people, Israel’s cuisine is a mixture of its diverse history, steeped traditions, and novel innovations. Want to learn how to navigate your way through this flavorful cornucopia? Kenes Tours is happy to offer its services, as well as its warm recommendation of the top five new restaurants not to miss.


1. Mashya in Tel Aviv

Experience dinner at Chef Yossi Shitrit’s newest endeavor Mashya, located inside the Mendeli Street Hotel. Here, Chef Shitrit reinvents traditional cuisine with an emphasis on freshness, the finest ingredients, and the most sophisticated cooking techniques inside a space with a focus on high-design whose bright, clean look is trimmed with the rough and rugged textures of locally-sourced natural materials.

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2. Quattro in Tel Aviv

Quattro is a modern Italian restaurant led by the Messa Group and designed by the International Designer Alex Meitlis. The restaurant provides the diners with a sensory exciting experience and a contemporary exceptional cuisine. The menu created by Head Chef Aviv Moshe offers light dishes as well as complex creations, with Italian inspiration.



3. Talbiye – the newest addition to the Machenyuda restaurant group in Jerusalem 

If you want to make the most out of your visit to this extraordinary French restaurant and wine bar, it is strongly recommended you visit it in the evening, and preferably not one before a workday.  The reason why will become apparent when you enter the long and narrow restaurant and discover what are literally piles of wine bottles stacked up along both sides of the restaurant’s space. If you made your way here, it would be a shame not to sample the fine Israeli wines, right? Which is not to say you should not sample the delightful dishes, and particularly the notable cheese platter, which will help you soak it all up.



4. Calypso – Omer Miller’s beach restaurant / bar in Tel Aviv 

After you relax on Tel Aviv’s trendy Frishman beach, stop by Chef Omer Miller’s newest restaurant, Calypso. Miller is renowned for his inspired creativity, turning even a basic hamburger into a work of art that meshes together the unique scenery and experience of the setting – and of course is served alongside his renowned special and incredibly diverse cocktails.


5. Menza – a creative neighborhood restaurant with a young, vibrant spirit and great menu in Jerusalem 

Menza is owned and operated by three young people who have made this attractively priced restaurant the center of student gastronomic life in Jerusalem. A meal at Menza is guaranteed to fill your stomach and leave your palate yearning for more. It offers tasty and exquisitely original and delicious seafood dishes, despite Jerusalem’s distance from the sea.

6. Alena – the new restaurant at The Norman, Tel Aviv 

High end, sophisticated local Mediterranean-influenced cuisine that features local ingredients at their finest with fresh seafood and fish, handmade pasta, chicken, meats and lots of vegetables and dishes to share. Visitors new to Israel will be delighted with such local dishes as rice-stuffed cabbage, sage and raisins with butter and labane, roasted cauliflower on an assortment of herb-mashed potatoes, fileted skewers with grilled broccoli and sour cream, and so much more.

The restaurant itself is noted, as might be expected for an institute located in the world class Norman hotel for its high, yet accessible dining standards.


7. Kab Kem – Thai in Tel Aviv 

If you are in Tel Aviv and looking for Far Eastern cuisine with an Israeli twist, then Kab Kem is where you want to go. The new restaurant brands itself as specializing in drinks and Thai bites. The “bites” in question are a one-two punch packed with flavors. Expect extremely intense, salty, sour and ever-so-spicy mouthfuls – with dishes covering the gamut from land and sea. These spicy flavors almost require keeping up a steady pace of alcoholic beverage consumption – and there, too Kab Kem offers a variety of tempting Thai cocktails.


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