Under the expert guidance of real-life fighter pilots, Kenes Tours gives you a birds-eye view of Israel and a chance to learn about the challenges faced by the Israeli Air Force as you take a turn at the controls of a F-16 at The Squadron, a state-of-the-art flight simulator.

Ever dream about getting behind the controls of a fighter jet?  Have you ever imagined how it feels to experience the power and incredible force of the world’s most incredible flying machines? Find out during your next trip to Israel with Kenes Tours at The Squadron, the only center of its kind in the world providing unique and advanced F-16 flight simulator experiences to the public.  Influenced by the heritage and methods of the Israeli Air Force, The Squadron proudly offers teambuilding and personal development workshops that incorporate the instructional methodology of the IAF by way of the expert guidance of authentic former fighter pilots and combat flight instructors, recognized the world over for their prowess, excellence and organizational success.

Founded in 2017 by IAF fighter pilot Lt. Col. (Res.) Kobi Regev, The Squadron was created with the desire to expose the public to the IAF, to teach its core values and to provide people with the unforgettable experience of piloting a fighter plane.  The on-site team that guides and instructs visitors is comprised of former and active duty IAF reserve fighter pilots, as well as combat flight simulator instructors who are uniquely able to convey the IAF’s world-renowned spirit of excellence.  Visitors to the innovative center, designed to be an exact replica of a combat flight squadron, can choose to don full IAF flight suits and gear prior to the introductory briefing and flight to enrich the overall experience.

Located just north of Tel Aviv, The Squadron provides a dynamic selection of interactions and activities designed to suit diverse groups of visitors:

  • VIP Groups and Individuals: A truly one-of-a-kind experience, The Squadron is the perfect location and platform for any VIP encounter or event. The on-site expert team can coordinate with Kenes Tours’ event planners to create an unforgettable private engagement with the simulators, IAF pilots and trainers.  The state-of-the-art space can be utilized to provide a very special backdrop to any sort of event, featuring IAF briefings with the pilots themselves to review and discuss the (available to the public) details of the former missions and combat operations that give the IAF its formidable reputation.
  • Youth Groups: A visit to The Squadron is an exciting and fun experience designed to take youth and teens to new heights, build confidence and trust in teamwork and impart meaningful and memorable moments.
  • Companies and Organizations: The perfect format for organizational team-building experiences, The Squadron provides unique IAF-inspired content designed to boost both personal and professional development-a great way to build confidence and strength for any company or organization.
  • Tour Groups and Individuals: Take an intro flight into the skies above the Land of Israel, designed to provide exposure to the many unique challenges and complex missions of the IAF, as well as to give a birds-eye view of many of Israel’s regions, cities and most well-known sites.

The Squadron

Kenes Tours is proud to put an emphasis on the experiential element of flying and to provide our guests with a taste of the Israeli Air Force and the many complexities it engages with on a constant basis, including: briefings and debriefings, the decision-making process, recovery from failure and preparation for and execution of operations. An incredible example of Israel’s amazing innovation and technology, the center features over 10 simulators containing top of the line software and fully functional cockpits. Additionally, an on-site flight shop provides the perfect chance for visitors of all ages to find meaningful mementos to take home to remind them of their extraordinary experience.

The Squadron

To find out more about how you can become a pilot for a day in the Israeli Air Force, visit us at www.kenes-tours.com