The City of David National Park has opened to the public, deep in the bowels of the Biblical Gihon Spring, the spectacular Canaanite “Spring Fortress” which is described in the Bible as the Zion Fortress that King David conquered from the Jebusites  (Samuel 11, 5:7).   It took over seventeen years to excavate and uncover the fortress  which is the largest in Israel dating from the middle Canaanite period.   The massive fortress was built to protect the City of Jerusalem’s water source – the Gihon spring.  The archeological findings accord with the Biblical narrative describing how Abraham was hosted by “Melchizedek King of Salem”  (Genesis 14:18).

In order to enrich the experience of the tour special lighting has been installed and the sounds of the spring pouring out its water can be heard in the backdrop of the excavated Canaanite pool.   A new comfortable wood path enables visitors to walk through every part of the fortress.  There are also advanced guiding displays that simulate the structure, its location and watch towers, and re-create the pilgrimage to Jerusalem during which thousands of pilgrims traversed the Kidron river bed that passes at the foot of the fortress.  The fortresses immense spectacular walls have been uncovered to the original height and you are now invited to take part in a unique experience, deep in the bowels of the earth, and discover the stupdendous findings that reinforce the Biblical story about the City of David.