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Home hospitality presents a fresh, off the beaten track way of experiencing authentic local cuisine and culture, as well as provides a deeper personal connection with local people. Rather than eating in a typical restaurant, visit the real home of a family, couple or individual with passionate expertise in the culinary arts and sample the genuine dishes and personal stories each has to offer.


1. Home hospitality & culinary tourism in the Galilee


Culinary tourism is not just about good eating- it is about exploring foreign cultures through taste, smell and experience. Galileat will show you Israel through local eyes and palates.

Its Arab cooking workshops provide participants a hands-on, true to life cultural immersion, allowing you to cook such staples of the Galilean cuisine as Makluba, Hubeza and Siniya.

Enjoy a special experience that will make your trip to Israel unforgettable.


2. Haatelie home hospitality and culinary workshops in Jerusalem’s iconic Machane Yehuda market

The bustling Machane Yehuda market is where Jerusalemites go to stock up on all the ingredients needed to cook their meals. It’s no wonder that this is where Tali decided to apply her passion and skill at cooking, learned from her grandmother’s kitchen as well as the finest chefs of Paris and Israel.

Tali, a mother of four, operates her “Atelier” (French- artist’s workshop), a space which provides its visitors with the warm feeling of simple home cooking based on incorporating the freshest and most earthy ingredients of the Machane Yehuda market- the beating heart of Jerusalem.


3. Delicious Israel 

Local foodie Inbal Baum’s Delicious Israel is one of the country’s most enticing ways to explore what it truly means to be an Israeli by engaging with those who call the Holy Land home. Delicious Israel’s personalized walking, travel and cooking tours introduce traveling foodies and culture-seekers to authentic Tel Aviv. On its tantalizingly tasty adventures, visit a third-generation Turkish family-owned deli, taste shakshuka at a Yemenite home near Shuk HaCarmel, and learn about the origins of different spices from the immigrants who brought them to Israel.

Looking to dig deeper into the history of Israel’s Jewish journey? Delicious Israel offers the perfect way to celebrate Shabbat, in a family’s home in Tel Aviv. After joining together for the Shabbat blessings over wine and challah, dine on a menu creatively crafted to demonstrate Israel’s culinary gems.


4. Home hospitality in Jerusalem’s Ein Kerem neighborhood 

Picturesque Ein Kerem, nestled at the western foothills of Jerusalem, is a jewel which Jerusalemites flock to for relaxation, spiritual nourishment and great food. Atalya Ein Mor was born and raised in this treasured neighborhood. Following years of preparing food in Israel’s most renowned restaurants, she decided to bring her expertise back to the unique atmosphere of her beautiful home in Ein Kerem.

This home, characterized by high ceilings, floor drawings and the best of Israeli culture, serves to host both private meals for the discerning palate and cooking workshops where each guest has a chance to try their hand at kneading, glazing, sieving and creating their own mouthwatering creation. At the end of the workshop, Atalya pampers her guests with other treats from her own kitchen.


5. Maronite home hospitality in the Galilee village of Ilaboun. 

Located mere minutes from the mystical city of Safed lies the mountain village of Ilaboun. There, an amazing, multi-generational family passionately provides guests with genuine Maronite-Arab cuisine and hospitality and a unique perspective on life in the land holy and promised to so many different faiths. The family’s culinary specialties are heavily influenced by Lebanese cuisine.

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