A Voyage of Discovery.  Kenes Tours, in cooperation with the Technion, is proud to present an unprecedented encounter with the secrets and methods of the Start Up Nation’s innovative success.   Travel & Study combines bountiful and engaging Israel travel experiences with exclusive and state-of-the-art education enrichment at the Technion’s Sarona Campus in Tel Aviv.  Dare to dream with a choice of gripping one-day courses led by renowned academics and industry leaders in a stimulating variety of diverse topics, specially designed to enhance your education, strengthen your professional profile, and kick-start your career.


Journey to Israel, an intensely beautiful land of passionate visionaries-only 70 years old-that has overcome the odds and reached the pinnacle of achievement, featuring the largest amount of awe-inspiring Nobel prize winners, mesmerizing hi-tech companies, and concentration of creative spirit-and which has transformed to become today’s global innovation leader. In cooperation with the Technion-Israel’s (and one of the world’s) top science and technology university-we are proud to provide you insider’s access to the secrets of Israel’s success.

Israel: World Innovation Leader

With the largest amount of awe-inspiring Nobel prize winners, the most mesmerizing start-up companies, and biggest amount of investment in mind-blowing scientific & technological research and development, Israel is the global innovation forerunner.

Confronted with a complex geopolitical climate, dynamic cultural heritage and limited natural resources, Israel has ascended as one of the most innovative nations in the world. Overcoming the odds, this small country today has the highest number of scientists, engineers, scientific papers and patents per capita anywhere in the world. With over a century of pioneering innovation and advanced research, the Technion consistently provides the core contributions to the nation’s creative innovation, ground-breaking science, and inspired entrepreneurial spirit.

Tel Aviv-Be Inspired in the Capital of Cool!

Set on the shores of the Mediterranean, Israel’s cultural and economic capital is a stimulating hub of sizzling creative energy, an embodiment of empowered youthful spirit and true center of the Start Up Nation’s relentless drive towards envisioned success.

Ranked as one of the top cities in the world for start-up creativity and technological innovation, the vibrant city of Tel Aviv is a living embodiment of the spirit of Israeli creativity and leadership. Strategically located in the city’s beautiful and historic Sarona district is the Technion’s Azrieli Continuing Education and External Studies Department. This unique institution, in cooperation with Kenes Tours, is uniquely enabled to provide a diverse selection of high-impact, exclusive educational enrichment programs to discerning groups seeking to encounter the essence of Israeli excellence.

Pick Your Passion

Groups can choose from the following one-day programs:

  • Sustainability & Food Systems
    Earth is in peril. Change in imminent. Explore how we can endure and strive in our rapidly evolving global ecosystem.
  • Entrepreneurship
    Shock the system! Grow your idea from passion to prosperity with a high-impact encounter with the Start-Up Nation.
  • Cyber Challenges
    Threats abound everywhere. Stay a step ahead of the game and tackle the world’s most dangerous cyber challenges.
  • Big Data
    One World. Unlimited Information. Discover the keys to unlocking ultimate access to it all.


Real Certification-Real Results

Travel & Stady - Technion with Kenes


In today’s rapidly-evolving and high-paced environment, credentials really count! Travel & Study participants will receive an official certificate of completion from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.



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