Kenes Tours is excited to present the next generation of interactive and revolutionary experiential travel, Vortex.  Through the revolutionary magic of virtual-reality (VR) technology, visitors in Israel can now fully experience the sights and sounds of two of the country’s most popular locations, Caesarea national park and the ancient city of Acre.  Providing a true-to-life view of the historical landmarks, structures and colorful characters of the ancient world, Vortex enables travelers to immerse themselves, 360-degrees, into landscapes of these must-see destinations, seeing them as they were in their heyday.

Vortex, an Israeli leader in the field of high-tech VR travel content, has developed a groundbreaking platform enabling precise visualization of virtually reconstructed archaeological sites using expert-crafted multilayered enriched 4D VR content.  This state-of-the-art VR platform effectively enables visitors to experience a guided and accurate reconstruction of history, designed based on in-depth academic and archaeological research.

Check out a ‘sneak peek’ of the multisensory experience here:

During a group or individual traveler’s visit to either Caesarea or Acre- two of Israel’s most popular destinations- the system allows the user to go on an immersive and unforgettable journey through time, enhancing the visit by encompassing them in a true-to-life experience surrounded by a 360-degree environment which brings the ruins before them to life.

Additionally, the experience enables tour guides with a powerful educational tool and a complementary means of conveying historical moments and cultural values, as the platform has been specially tailored to the needs of guided tours.  Vortex’s system allows tour guides to easily control what their tourists see, and where and when they see it.

As we progress into the future, global travelers will become more and more accustomed to VR experiences.  It is to our great pleasure that Kenes Tours is able to be amongst the first travel companies to offer exclusive access to this unique platform in Israel.


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