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What Chinese educators discovered during their custom-designed tour of Israel.

This is a lesson in how a country of 1.3 billion people is learning from a land of eight million.

The Chinese Shouldaid Corridor Education Program for international family educational exchange toured Israel recently, with a unique mission: to learn how Israel instills children’s confidence in learning – so they could apply the model to Chinese family education.

Following Israel’s lead

Shouldaid selected Israel as its best practice education model, for producing a nation that breeds among the highest number of Nobel Prize recipients per capita. The Chinese also look to Israel as the benchmark in start-up success and in making the desert bloom.

A tour tailored to the mission

Shouldaid asked Kenes Tours to tailor a tour that blended typical school education programs with creative programs that stretch the imagination. The family-focused itinerary took the visitors from the north to the south of the country, with a retro kibbutz experience, a renewable energy visit to the Nitzana Solar Park and a program for young entrepreneurial Bedouins.

Israel’s honored Chinese guests met with leaders from public and private organizations on their vision and values for education, as well as options for collaboration.

The group built time into the two-week schedule to tour sites of Christian significance in the Galilee, Bethlehem and Jerusalem, as well as to learn about Bahai, Jewish and Druze faiths.

The first of many visits

The messages that Shouldaid took back to their homeland: education cultivates character and culture influences the strength of family education. Shouldaid also discovered the tremendous potential for educational, scientific, technological and business partnership between the two countries.

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