“Jewish Japan” may sound new to you, but it actually represents a bond that originated in the last century. This relationship is a testament to its legacy and continues to be cultivated to this day.  Join us for a unique experience in Japan. Explore its beauty, wonders, and exotic culture. Learn about Jewish heritage and history, the survival of our people, and the nurturing of a Jewish presence in an unknown and uncommon setting.


Mission highlights include:

  • Witnessing a Living Jewish Legacy through the exploration of Jewish history, heritage, and modern life; complete with visits to a Jewish Community Center, synagogues in Tokyo and Kobe, and cemeteries in Kobe and Yokohama.
  • Understanding the experience of Japan and the Holocaust through the incredible story of Chiune Sugihara, who saved thousands of Jewish lives.
  • Celebrating the well-established relationship and support between Christian groups in Japan and the State of Israel and the city of Jerusalem.
  • Exploring the Shinto appreciation of Nature through arts, crafts and sacred ceremonies that some scholars believe are related to the Lost Tribes of Israel and ancient Jewish traditions.
  • Traveling through Japan’s magnificent landscapes, indulging in its tastes, and absorbing its tranquility and exotic culture from modern Tokyo to the traditional city of Kyoto and beautiful bay of Kobe.


JapaNiche co-founder, Efrat (Cohen) Machikawa, has lived and worked in Japan for over two decades. Her international and multicultural educational background, combined with her personal and professional knowledge of Japanese culture, formed the vision and foundation for this unique and exclusive mission itinerary.


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