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12 Days
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 Embraced by holy sites and masters in cultivation, visit blooming kibbutz deserts and fertile farmlands catalyzed by Israeli know-how.


Day 1:



Day  2:

Arrival at Ben Gurion Airport, Meeting and assistance by Kenes; Tel Aviv for dinner and overnight.


Day 3:

Drive to Sheik Hussein Jordanian border. Meet Jordanian guide. continue to Madaba,  city of mosaics,  mentioned in the Bible. Visit St. George Orthodox Christian Church,  the mosaic Map of Jerusalem, Palestine, Jordan, Israel & Egypt. Then to Mount Nebo, site of the Tomb of Moses. See where Moses viewed the Promised Land. There are ruins of 4th and 6th Century churches with floors covered with marvelous mosaic.   Petra for dinner and overnight.


Day 4:

Full day visit to Petra, the  Nabatean city carved into the Rose Red Mountains. Inside the main gate, we take a short ride on horseback and reach the entrance of the SIQ, where we  walk along the until the astonishing monuments of Petra, the Treasury,  suddenly appear. Wander among tombs, temples, water cisterns, Roman Theater, street of Facades, Royal Tombs, the massive Courthouse, Roman Street, Triumphal Arch, ending at Qasr Al-Bint. Depart Petra for the Aqaba border – return to Israel. Meet the Israeli guide. Eilat for dinner and overnight.


Day 5:

Visit Kibbutz Yotvata – one of the largest dairy kibbutzim in the country for a professional tour.  Meet with staff member from the Research Station in the Negev owned by the JNF & Ministry of Agriculture. – one of the areas of research is fish farming in desert ponds.  Meet a farmer from the area – subject to availability.  Arrive at Ein Bokek, Dead Sea for dinner and overnight.


Day 6:

Experience floating in the therapeutic waters of the Dead Sea – you cannot sink! Drive to Masada – ascend by cable car and visit Herod’s palaces, the synagogue and the ancient water cistern. Descend by cable car and continue to Kibbutz Ein Gedi to visit the botanical garden.  Continue along the fertile Jordan Valley and visit Kibbutz  Ma’ale Gilboa where organic spices, field crops, broccoli and carrots are grown. Continue to a kibbutz on the Sea of Galilee for dinner and overnight.


Day 7:

At kibbutz meet one of the kibbutz members for a lecture about the life and agriculture on the kibbutz. Tour their fields.  Afternoon:  visiting the sites around the Sea of Galilee including a serene boat ride on the Sea of Galilee in one of the old style of Jesus wooden boats. Sites visited include the Mount of Beatitudes, site of the Sermon on the Mount, and Tabgha, site of the Miracle of Loaves and Fishes. Proceed to Capernaum to  the ancient synagogue.  Kibbutz for dinner and overnight.


Day 8:

Ascend the fertile Upper Galilee and visit another kibbutz to learn about drip irrigation, fruit orchards and Poultry Farming.  Continue to Banias, AKA Caesarea Philippia, one of the largest waterfalls in Israel that runs into the Jordan River. This area is quite fertile although the spring has been affected by deforestation of Mt Hermon. The water no longer gushes from the cave, but seeps from the rocks below it. There are grottos in a nearby cliff that are remnants of a shrine to the god Pan. Proceed to Tel Dan Nature Reserve, one of the three  sources of the Jordan River that is fed by the snow and rain from Mt Hermon, Israel’s tallest mountain. This 120 acre reserve offers excellent hiking trails (parts of which are wheelchair accessible). Remnants of a Canaanite city Laish are on display, including a ritual site dating back to the days of Jeroboam. Descend the Golan Heights to return to the kibbutz for dinner and overnight.


Day 9:

Drive to the Western Galilee for a tour at Raham Meristem to learn about plant propagation and biotechnology.  Continue via the Western Galilee to a dairy and beef farm.  Drive to Haifa for a panoramic view of the Baha’i Gardens and Haifa Bay.  Drive to the ancient Crusader city of Caesarea to view the amphitheater and aqueducts built by King Herod, before proceeding to the Holy City – Jerusalem for dinner and overnight.


Day 10:

visit the Israel Museum – view the Dead Sea Scrolls displayed in the Shrine of the Book. Visit the model of the second temple in the Museum garden. Drive by the Israeli Parliament (Knesset) and view the Menorah – symbol of Israel.

Explore the Holocaust Museum and Memorial at Yad Vashem. Continue to picturesque Ein Karem village, birthplace of John the Baptist. dinner and overnight.


Day 11:

Mount of Olives for a panoramic view of Jerusalem and the surrounding area.  Church of Ascension and the  Garden of Gethsemane.  View the Kidron Valley and the tombs of Absalom, Zachariah and James. Visit Saint Peter in Gallicantu and continue to Mount Zion.  Visit the room of the last supper and the tomb of King David (Mark 14:12-25, Acts 1:13-26) Visit the Christian Quarter of the Old City to include the Church of the Holy Sepulchre;  Partway walk the Stations of the Cross – on the Via Dolorosa. Walk through the busy Arab “Shuk” (market)  and practice your bargaining skills with the vendors.  Dinner and overnight.


Day 12:

Private meeting with an official from the Ministry of Agriculture for Q&A.

Visit the Garden Tomb (Gordon’s Calvary) for a communion service. Drive to Kibbutz Ma’ale Hahamisha to see their orchids. Continue via the Ella Valley and visit a local winery for a tour to include a light cheese and wine farewell meal en route the airport for  return flight.


*Itinerary is subject to change pending circumstances beyond our control*

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