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8 days
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Unearth water, energy and environmental sustainability insights, powered by natural synergies and technologies.

Day 1:



Day 2:

Arrive in Tel Aviv, opening dinner and presentation: overview of Israel’s Water Challenges and Achievements.


Day 3:

Visit Tel Aviv Metropolitan Sewage plant – Water Treatment plant tour – the largest and most advanced Purification Plant in the world which purifies waste to be reused for agriculture. 100% is treated and reused. Visit the world’s second largest water desalination plant which constitutes over 65% of the economy’s domestic water consumption. Visit Israel’s “Silicon Valley” and hear presentations from innovative companies that focus on water, agriculture, and clean-energy. Dinner and presentation: overview of startups to multi-national organizations across a range of industries, particularly water tech, renewable energy, and environmental control.


Day 4:

Tour the Galilee Region. Discuss peace treaty with Jordan and joint water projects between the two countries. Lean about the pipeline from Sea of Galilee to the Dead Sea and the Watershed. Also stop at Christian pilgrimage sites. Visit a private beach with salt springs that come from the earth and blend with the sweet water; learn about the desalination process. Visit ‘green’ kibbutz which produces organic pesticide free solutions for pesticide free agriculture.
Continue to one of the most important bird watching sites in the world, also known for its water management system (or vice versa!). Enjoy bird-watching, swimming, and hiking. Learn about the history of the draining of the Hula Lake and swamps in the ‘50’s. Visit world leading water filtration systems company that markets to industrial, municipal and agricultural use. Drive to and overnight in Jerusalem.


Day 5:

City of David – ancient aqueduct from Gihon Spring to Pool of Siloam designed in the 8th Century BCE just prior to the Siege of the Assyrians led by Sennacherib. Descent to the Dead Sea, lowest point on earth, and 8.6 times saltier than the ocean. Visit the joint project between Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Territory, using the Dead Sea-Red Sea to halt the sea’s decline, and to increase water supply for use by all three populations, as well as hydro-electric power. Swim and float in the lowest body of water in the world. Overnight Dead Sea.


Day 6:

Tour the world’s largest drip-irrigation company, and global leader in smart drip and micro-irrigation. Learn about drip and micro-irrigation solutions. Lunch and tour of agricultural Kibbutz. Continue to Desalination plant which received Global Water Award for Desalination Plant of the Year in 2006 and 2011. Visit the Bio-pure Technologies plant which specializes in membrane-based solutions for water, wastewater, and chemical processing treatment. Meet the people who make the desert bloom using brackish water. Dinner with CleanTech. Overnight Tel Aviv.


Day 7:

Visit an EPA-verified technology plant which produces products that detect contaminants in water supplies. This technology is being deployed around the world. Visit the Technion, one of the world’s leading technology and engineering institutions. Learn about the cutting edge research and how Israel is preparing the next generation of innovators. Then Visit the Haifa University Technology Transfer Organization which enhances the market value of this university’s discoveries and disseminates them to the global market place. Dinner with Cleantech Venture Capitalists which identifies cleantech venture investment opportunities in Israel. Overnight: Tel Aviv.


Day 8:

Visit the “Chiriah” – waste treatment project; a state of the art achievement; visit a Solar project at the Weizman Institute, and visit the World’s largest Desalination plant. Time permitting visit also the Company of the Year Europe-Israel Cleantech which developed a next generation solution for monitoring water distribution networks. Closing Dinner and departure.

  • Visit Israel’s largest solar plant and learn about Israeli alternative energy sources
  • Hear about “green building” and participate in a hands-on “mud workshop”
  • Take walking tours through beautiful national parks
  • Enjoy bird watching, swimming and hiking
  • Swim and float in the lowest body of water in the world, the Dead Sea
  • Meet the people who make the desert bloom


*Itinerary is subject to change pending circumstances beyond our control*


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