Seniors Tour:
Israel In-Depth

Our suggested sample itinerary for groups of 10 and more

10 days

This tour is for those who seek to explore the roots- old and new- of a tiny country that has given the world so much innovation, art, literature and science. Find out what drives Israelis, how their history and cultural diversity enriches their daily life, and what they feel about their past, present and future.


  • Meet with Israelis from all walks of life
  • Board Jeeps on ATV’s in the Golan Heights
  • Learn about kibbutz life today
  • Explore underground Jerusalem through the Western Wall Tunnels
  • Ascend Masada and float in the Dead Sea
  • Volunteer with the Pantry Packers program



Day 1, Monday: Welcome to Israel 

  • Arrive at Ben Gurion Airport, transfer to Tel Aviv and check in to hotel
  • Enjoy a welcome dinner in Old Jaffa and a stroll through the alleyways of the ancient port

Overnight: Tel Aviv hotel


Day 2, Tuesday: Tel Aviv- the city that never sleeps 

  • Meet the Founder of Vibe Israel, a not-for-profit organization leading initiatives to strengthen Israel’s brand in the world
  • Tour Independence Hall where David Ben Gurion declared the state of Israel in 1948.
  • Walk past the colorful stalls and take in the smells and sights at the Carmel Market in Tel Aviv
  • Explore the Rabin Museum

Overnight: Tel Aviv hotel


Day 3, Wednesday: North to the Galilee 

  • Visit the archeological site of Caesarea, once the Roman capital of the province of Judea
  • Meet a wine expert and enthusiast, who will introduce the wines of the Carmel Winery
  • Visit Tzfat, the Kabbalistic town, and learn about gematria, Jewish numerology.

Overnight: Kibbutz Guest House


Day 4, Thursday: Northern borders 

  • Hike in the Banias Nature Reserve
  • Learn about the special challenges of life on the border so close to the Hezbollah forces In Mitzpe Dado
  • Board jeeps or ATV’s for a ride through the foothills of the Golan Heights, through the battle fields of the Yom Kippur War
  • Have lunch at a communal Kibutz dining room and learn about kibbutz life nowadays
  • Enjoy home Hospitality in a Druze home
  • Meet with the young men and women who make up the IDF, at a border outpost for a one to one encounter

Overnight: Kibbutz Guest House


Day 5, Friday: Ascending to Jerusalem 

  • Plant a tree and leave your mark on the Jewish nation
  • Take a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee
  • Arrive to Jerusalem  and recite the traditional Shehehiyanu blessing upon entering the city at the 9/11 Memorial in the Jerusalem Hills
  • Join the throngs of worshippers greeting the Sabbath at the Western Wall

Overnight: Jerusalem Hotel


Day 6, Saturday: A day of rest 

  • Visit the Israel Museum, home to the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Second Temple Model and a world class collection of archeology and Judaica.
  • Enjoy the Sound and Light Show at Jerusalem’s Tower of David 

Overnight: Jerusalem Hotel


Day 7, Sunday: Jerusalem of Heaven and Earth 

  • Learn about Jerusalem’s unique archeological heritage from Dr. Ian Stern, head of Archeological Seminars
  • Walk through Jerusalem’s Old City– the Davidson Center, the Via Dolorosa and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.
  • Try bargaining skills in the “Shuk
  • Go underground at the Western Wall Tunnels
  • Enjoy lunch is at one of the famous humus stalls in the city

Overnight: Jerusalem Hotel


Day 8, Monday: The lowest place on earth       

  • Ascend Masada and tour King Herod’s historic hilltop fortress.
  • Optional: Adult Bar Mitzvah Ceremony on the mountain top
  • Float in the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, and enjoy a mud pack
  • Visit Ein Gedi Nature Reserve with its springs, waterfalls and pools surrounded by lush greenery

Overnight: Jerusalem Hotel


Day 9, Tuesday: Government and Remembrance in Israel’s capital city 

  • Visit Yad Vashem Museum presents the story of the Shoah from a unique Jewish perspective
  • Meet with Dr. Rachel Korazim to explore the special relationship between Israelis and the Shoa
  • Explore Machney Yehuda food and spice market, and take a “tasting” tour through the market stalls
  • Meet with an Ultra-Orthodox family in their home, learn about their lifestyle and participate in a Challah baking session

Overnight: Jerusalem Hotel


Day 10, Wednesday: Summing up 

  • Meet Ronen Hoffman, academic and former MK, that will speak on The Unknown Future Relationship of Israel and American Jewry
  • Continue to Pantry Packers, a charitable organization, sorting dry goods for distribution to needy families in Jerusalem
  • Drive to the Hass Promenade, for a panoramic view of the city, prior to checking out of the hotel
  • Enjoy free time for shopping in the Mamilla Mall or along the famous Ben Yehuda Street
  • Farewell dinner and transfer to the airport for the return flight


*Itinerary is subject to change pending circumstances beyond our control*



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