There are mountains and lush terrain in the north. Arid deserts and natural crater formations in the south. A world-class urban metropolis and historic towns with views of the Mediterranean Sea along the west coast. Holy sites in the east, which belie the three Abrahamic faiths. With those highlights and many more in between, Israel’s biblical, archeological, and geographical features are some of the most misunderstood and diverse in the world. 

On a privately guided tour, your experienced guide will give you background information about each destination and site visited. The beauty of our tailored private tours is​ ​that we organize everything to suit your needs. If you see or​ ​know of destinations where you want to​ ​spend more time, a place that you’re not​ ​interested in visiting, an activity you want to try or something you’re not too keen to​ ​try, then please let our team know! 

Since each private tour we run is tailored to your personal blueprint of an ideal trip, we do not share itineraries on our website. If you contact us and share the kind of experience you are seeking, however, we’ll be happy to send you examples of similar tours we created for other guests. Then, once you have a feel for what we can offer and are ready to get a quote for your own dream Israel trip, we’ll be happy to oblige.  

Come Explore Israel with Kenes!

Come Explore Israel with Kenes