Israel is small. Israel is unique. Israel is a Mediterranean country full of adventures that seamlessly meld ancient and modern ti­­mes.

As a leading travel and tourism company that was established in 1965, we create custom, private tours for families, friends, and organizational groups. We essentially design a blueprint for each tour; ensuring it incorporates individual interests, needs, and desires with an eye towards building a unique experience in Israel.

Our tours include everything you need for stress-free travel, including: transportation, accommodations, daily breakfast, and privately guided-touring services. We also offer “white glove” services for those who want to be pampered.

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Our Exceptional Level of Care

From the moment you inquire, until you return to your home shores, you’ll have a dedicated expert travel architect and team who will design and build your ideal Israel tour. They’ll work hard behind-the-scenes, so that you can relax and enjoy a stress-free experience.

We Know & Love Israel

Kenes Tours is a well-known and well-regarded travel company. Our team brings kaleidoscopic perspectives to our work. This enables us to “tell the story of Israel” through different lenses. No matter how diverse the interests of the people who travel with us, we consistently provide an exceptional visitor experience for all.

We are a Local “On-Site”

Being based in Israel, we aim to provide a competitive advantage to travel advisors and group leaders. We intimately know the country. We know what’s going on in and around Israel. We want to share our knowledge with you. First of all, we make it our business to be up to date on “new normal” health and safety measures that will keep travelers safe and enable them to enjoy their experience with peace-of-mind. Secondly, our exceptional relationships with suppliers translate into competitive pricing, flexible terms, exclusivity, and unique access. Most importantly, our goal is to develop a relationship with you by earning your trust and building your confidence in traveling through Israel.


Proudly Israel-owned and operated, showcasing both ancient history (biblical and archeological) and modernity, it is Israeli culture that excites us the most. For you to truly experience Israel, we weave into all our tours unique aspects of Israeli life.

Whether you are embracing a spiritual moment in Jerusalem or Nazareth, hiking in the Golan Heights, floating in the Dead Sea, dining with a Druze family, learning about mysticism in Safed, shopping in the galleries of Jaffa, tasting wine in the Elah Valley, or just hanging out at a Tel Aviv beach, Kenes ensures your cultural connections with the Land and its people are truly unforgettable.


In Hebrew, the word Kenes means “conference,” as in meeting, convening, and discussing. As part of a Kenes, it is natural to ask questions and debate issues. In turn, convening people and asking lots of questions are cornerstones of Jewish tradition.

Our purpose is to bring travelers to Israel and foster a “dialogue” between our guests, our Land, our people, and our culture. We achieve this through exceptional and transformative travel experiences. Our name is reflective of this purpose and learning about the richness of Israel informs all of our tours. To achieve our goal, we have a huge responsibility (which we take seriously) to understand where our clients are coming from in order to plan the perfect experience and ensure we operate a world-class tourism business.

Contact us and let us tell you why you should book an Israel trip with Kenes Tours!