Aspire to be the market leader for inbound travel experiences to Israel. Lead with professionalism, pride, efficiencies, and profitability.

Kenes Tours’ mission and passion are to host tourists from the world over, to share all that Israel, this amazing country, has to offer – in life-altering experiences. Our success is measured by visitors who choose to return again and again with us, and who encourage their friends and family to experience the country for themselves. We are deeply committed to be the benchmark in service excellence, offering educationally and experimentally enriching programs and innovative content with added value at competitive prices.


We fulfill life-changing dreams of coming to Israel to learn, understand, connect, engage, and create meaningful memories.


Pioneering spirit

We are driven by our thirst for knowledge and courage to explore uncharted waters. We not only live up to our reputation, but strive to exceed expectations as a leading tourism innovator. Our team is known for its unrivalled knowledge of Israel, which enables us to fashion tours designed to pique your interest. Our corporate culture and management style embrace challenge and effectively leverage resources. Kenes Tours is a change agent, actively implementing cutting edge technologies, cultivating new ideas and pursuing new partnerships – all in order to provide exciting, progressive services to our customers.

Service excellence

Kenes Tours is committed to providing an outstanding customer service experience to all customers: travel agents, organizations, groups, families and individuals. We listen to our clients, anticipate their needs and respond to their requests with care – in a timely manner.



Kenes Tours pledges to abide by its moral code of ethical practices in all company and social activities. We hold ourselves accountable to provide the highest standards of service, punctuality, reliability and open communication. We ensure that all of Kenes’ staff is devoted to the same standards of integrity and common values.

Serving the community

Kenes Tours is committed to helping make the world a better place by preserving the environment, giving back to society through volunteering and donations, promoting human understanding and encouraging global progress.


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