Calling all tour guides! At Kenes Tours, we see our guides as partners – an integral part of our company whom we could not succeed without. With our expert insight into all that is travel to Israel, our guides are cultural ambassadors who are readily available to introduce our clients and potential clients to the beauty of Israel.

As a new initiative, we are inviting all Kenes Tour guides to participate in a contest that encourages the capturing, sharing and submission of original photos, and content that exemplify the spectacular experiences, personalities and sites that make Israel such an incredible travel destination.

Send us materials to be posted on our Kenes Tours social media channels, and we will enter all relevant guides into a drawing to win an all-expenses-paid holiday to Barcelona which includes two tickets to attend an exhilarating concert by the band Coldplay on May 2016.

Eager to be a part of it? 

Fill out the following form for your chance to win a ticket for Coldplay’s concert in Barcelona on May 27. 


Take a picture, describe the moment and send to us by April 30, 2016